Free Consultation

Putting You First

I represent you and your best interests. I treat you with the same attention and care as I provide my own parents.


I’ll help you create a straight-forward plan and will never bog you down with complicated charts and graphs, you’ll be able to understand everything.

Income That Lasts

I can help you establish guaranteed monthly income throughout your retirement so you will be able to live better and do more throughout your lifetime.

Lifetime Service

I provide service on all your accounts, indefinitely. Whether it’s a simple withdrawal next year or help with a claim in 15 years, I’m always just a phone call away.


Having a life-long relationship with the man you entrust to help your family with your finances is priceless. It’ll always be me.

All The Leg Work

As soon as you hire me, I do all necessary work for you to get your portfolio set up exactly how we agreed. Aside from signing your name, you won’t need to lift a finger.

Why Annuities?

It's easy to get caught up in the moment these days, even with the way we manage our money. But, money management isn't something that is truly affected day by day, rather, it is managed over decades and decades. And, if we fail to properly manage it, the price we pay can be felt throughout our retirement.

That's where annuities come in, in particular the fixed index annuity. Designed for long-term money management, it provides you with guaranteed safety on your principal and earned interest (based on the claims paying ability of the insurance company). And what that means for you, over all those decades, is you'll never get caught off guard, and that is a really big deal.

Your fixed index annuity can also provide you with a reasonable rate of return over time to help you keep pace with the times, a monthly income which is guaranteed to last for your entire lifetime, ample liquidity and flexibility for the unexpected, as well as a legacy to your beneficiaries. If you take your money management seriously and wish to not be compromised financially later in life, perhaps at a time when you are most vulnerable due to age, a fixed index annuity may be an excellent money management solution for you.

Why Josh?

One of the most important decisions you will ever need to make in life is who you hire to help you with your money management. For many of my clients, I am the single most important person they have ever employed, in some cases, more important than even their doctor because they only go see them when there's a problem.

And when it comes to who you hire, there are important things to look for, most importantly, in my opinion, is continuity. You want to deal with the same adviser for as long as you can over all those decades. Someone committed to your money management success at every step of the way, someone not constrained by meeting sales quotas, and not influenced in their decision making by corporate pressures.

And that's why my clients choose to work with me. I am an independent adviser. No boss, no quotas, just a one-on-one relationship with you, and when we talk over the years, it will always be me and only me who you deal with.